Clives Shovelhead

Clives 1200 shovelhead, Built to look like an origial 70s Chopper and its turned out just perfect. With classic 70s parts and styling but modern brakes and parts. This motorcycle is the perfect crossover from the 70's to modern day life. Built to be used with todays traffic.

We will start with the rear end of the motorcycle. Classic original 70's invader wheel in the rear with a traditional avon tyre are the main attraction to the back. .

Stainless steel sissy bar has been hand crafted here, nothing over the top but simple little details to keep the themes running throughout the motorcycle.


Clive has made this a bit of a trademark, these beautiful rear lights made from a chrome multi hex socket. Fitted with a led light unit for ultra brightness and reliability.

The center piece of the bike is the fuel tank. Moulded into the framework for a almost seemless finish making the tank look like its welded to the frame. Hidden tank mounts underneathh keep it super clean and no bolts to be seen.  Paintwork is based on a peacock feather with the chrome higlights and vibrant colours making it stand out. Painted by Hurricane airbrush art. 

The front end is as delicate as the rest. 12" over tubes fitted to shaved down sportster lowers keep it super clean and allow for modern brakes to be used.

Super skinny yokes made by fastec to stay with the clean look.

For the traditional styling, one off 70s bunny bars were crafted and minimalistic K tech controls make it comfortable and tidy whilst making it look period.

The stance is inspired by swedish choppers from the 70's.  Long forks, lots of rake and a petit body.

The open belt drive keeps it minimalistic. No bulky lumps of uneeded steel anywhere to be seen. 

Classic chrome pipes with Little mufflers make for a lovely mellow exhaust note, not too loud and not too quiet. With a revamped 1200 engine its purs like a kitten and pulls like a train. Super E carburettor and air filter tweaked and tuned to run to perfection along side the dyna electroni ignition.  Harley softail brake caliper is subtley hidden between the frame rails, chromed and out of the way proviinding plenty of stopping power.

Details make a bike, from the slim line yokes to the stainless headlight bracket and moulding keep the front end super neat. all the wires are run internally so your eye isn't taken away from anything other than its beauty.