Royal Enfield 350 

Above is our first venture into the world of Royal Enfields. This 350cc motor is ideal for town and country riding. The docile and gentle motor provides the heart and soul of the bike, providing a great exhaust note, torque and smiles for miles..

The Frame has gone under the operating table here at so low, a hardtail frame has been constructed out of high quality steel, tig welded and powdercoated in gloss finish. The front end has been modified to take Harley Davidson vintage forks for that authentic 50's look.

Using all Harley running gear allows the Enfield to have a new lease of life, the harley wheels and forks allow for better stopping power, styling and handling. We have used K-tech levers and braking systems on this machine, keeping it super classy as well as improving the braking power .

The Wheels have been refurbished and are nicely wrapped in a set of vintage styled avon tyres. 

We take pride in using hand made parts. The seat is no exception, one off hand tooled leather sits nicely above the frame rails on chrome springs providing the authentic bobber styling with some comfort too.

K tech micro buttons to keep it clean and simple de-cluttering the bars so nothing takes your eye off the road. 

A vintage peanut tank has been gracefully mounted on top of the frame. Nothing over the top, simple and classy with its brass filler neck and metal flake side panels to set it off in the sunlight.