Zephyr 750 chopper

Built in house this lovely kawasaki zephyr really is  show stopper. Its classic swedish chopper styling make it stand out from the crowd.

The frame is a one off built in house by us here at So low. with 12" over dna springers and 40 degrees of rake it handles Just as well as a stock bike. Gliding round bends effortlessly its a real joy to ride. 

Sat upon the candy apple red frame is a Jesse James villain tank. giving the bike a proper frisco chopper look without compromising fuel capacity. The Electrics box is made in house to  keep in with the flow of the machine and hide all the ugly wires. The rear end consists of a billy lane style grab bar and a lovely modified Penz rear mudguard Wrapped around a 180 rear wheel.

Harley running gear front and back on this bike means we get to have a lovely choice of brakes and discs. Traditional old school shovelhead controls combined with stainless brake rotors and performance machine calipers keeping the braking ability without being cluttered. 

Under Slung 4 into 2 pipes tucked neatly underneath the frame rails make the bike nice to ride, no catching those exhausts on the road round bends. 

New wheels front and back in chrome make the bike look and sit just right. Keeping it up to the show standard we like to build here.

One off handlebars perch nicely on top of the springers making the riding position comfortable. 

We used a digital speedo on this build to minimise clutter on those lovely long forks.

With a carb overhaul and pod filters the zephyr purrs like a tiger and pulls like a train.

The gold o ring chain is a must on our builds, they look good, low maintenance, super durable and don't ruin your bike by covering it in chain lube. 

Traditional style vincent stop light neatly mounted on the side with the led unit inside makes it super bright.